Film Columbia

Film Columbia Coffee Cup

Our local film festival opens tomorrow. Pat and I are finishing packing up 50 of these lovelies to drop off at the film office to stick in the swag bags for all the film makers attending. If you are in upstate New York this week into the weekend, don’t miss it. Every year there are academy award winning sneaks and world class film choices. Curated by Peter Biskind.


3 thoughts on “Film Columbia

  1. Betty Ming Liu

    beautiful! i usually avoid mugs with corporate logos. but this one is so pretty. the box looks good too. i’m sure the festival attendees will be very happy with their swag.

  2. Mary Anne Davis Post author

    Not really a corporate logo since the film festival itself is local and homegrown. The mug is actually a concept in that the logo is not applied but embedded into the clay while it is wet. The mug is also handmade within 5 miles of the film festival, which is totally different than purchasing a bulk number of mass produced cups for cheap, almost all of which are made in China these days. So, this mug serves several specific purposes – 1) it has a human ‘vibe’ because it is handmade 2) it was made locally of carefully sourced materials 3) it was made to order for a small number of film makers who are going to receive it as a gift. The repercussive effects of actions like this could potentially create a tipping point for economic change the likes of which we have never seen before.

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