Spring Collection for Great Finds

Spring Collection for Great Finds

Maggie Calhoun of Great Finds in Valatie, New York is a terrific friend and colleague. She stopped by today to pick up some new work for the store — cups, bowls, platters and vases in bright colors — perfect for spring and Mother’s Day! I love her visits. Today she came with a gift — a four pack of pansies — ready to sink into the dirt after the last frost! Looks like we’re getting one tonight, so all those plants I have been collecting are coming indoors! (that tip courtesy of Chris Cashen of Miller’s Crossing)

One thought on “Spring Collection for Great Finds

  1. Sarah

    Hi Mary Anne,
    Gorgeous, as always. Loving using the cup and bowl I bought from you this winter.
    How nice you were gifted with some pansies. And the great thing about pansies (unlike many other plants) is that they can actually take frost, so don’t hesitate to pop them into the ground while you’re protecting your other treasures.

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